We are a team of inspired LoL gamers. We take account growth and sharing with passion, on our site Critter-Bitters we dedicate our time to bring you the best experience and sharing tips.

It all started in 2014 when we got heavily addicted to playing League of Legends. The tournaments back in the days were on a high-level and it made us realize how big and impactful this project actually is.

This made us focus on our inner entrepreneurial side and try to provide a solution for the gamers like us.

Finding bugs in the game and reporting it to the developers for the game improvement but also enjoying the actual process of gameplay.

The first progress we saw was in 2015, we got a couple of fans and actually decided to make a sponsored promo, which wasn’t so successful haha.

You can see this video, it was one of our first attempts in growth and expansion.

2018 was a big hit for us as we decided to expand our team and add a couple of talented people, which slowly enhanced the overall performance.

By the end of 2020 we have gotten on a peak level, and we are excited to see what is coming in the future!