League of Legends Account Security Tips 

There is lots of important information on your League of Legends account; credit cards, PayPal accounts, skins and that’s not even talking about your precious ranking. With all of the information tied into your account, it’s critical that you keep your League of Legends account secure and safe from anyone who might want to get into it. Our tips below are the best way for you to make sure that your League of Legends account stays yours. 

Password Strength and Protection

First things first, nobody else should know the password to your League of Legends account, period. Everyone who knows your password makes it more difficult to defend your account. This includes having your League of Legends password be similar to passwords to other accounts that other people might know. 

A good option is using a password management service for your League of Legends account, as they create a completely random password that is difficult for both humans and computers to guess. That said if you don’t have access to a service like those, making a long password that is easy for you to remember but isn’t easy to guess is the best option. This means avoiding things like your birthday, names of people close to you, or character names in League of Legends. 

Another vital part of protecting your password is being careful where you enter it. Riot Games official site and the League of Legends client should be the only places you ever enter your League of Legends password. There are no other safe sites requiring it, and Riot games will never ask you directly for your password over email or message. If Riot needs to see the inside of your account, they already can. 

It’s also a good idea to have your League account’s password be completely unique from any other passwords you have, even if those passwords are private. This avoids a single breach leading to multiple accounts being unsafe. 

Finally, when you’re playing in a setting that is public at all, make sure that you log out of your League of Legends account whenever you’re away from your computer, even if it’s just for a couple of minutes. Also, ensure that your account isn’t set to automatically login or remember your password when playing in a public space.

Keeping Your Account Yours

You should be the only person with access to your account; hard stop, friends, family and others who you might want to share your account with should make their own. League of Legends accounts are completely free and aren’t something that you should share between multiple people. In fact, it’s directly against the League of Legends Summoner’s Code. 

This does include services like ELO Boosting. If you are looking to invest in one of these services, the best thing to do is buy an account from a reputable source and begin your time at the new rank. Boosting your current account, especially one with multiple valuable skins, is opening it up to getting stolen. 

One thing that has become more popular recently but is a potential vulnerability for your account are third-party services that promise to offer insight or statistics during your games. Though there are some that are reputable, be wary of what permissions and information you’re giving them when you’re signing up for the service. Any that are given full access to your account also has the power to take your account for themselves. Some of these services are useful, but just be wary. 

A final and common culprit of this kind of account stealing are services that offer to let you buy RP or buy Skins outside of the League of Legends client. You should never give one of these services your information. If you are looking to get an account with a specific rare skin, it’s better to buy the account outright from a reputable source.

Account Recovery: 

One thing that’s critical to ensuring your account security is being prepared in case something happens to the account itself. Riot has ways to recover the account for you, but you need to have several things set up for them. 

The first and most important thing is that you need to have your email connected to the League of Legends account be private and online. This means ensuring that you don’t make the account using an email that is going to expire, like a work or school email or an email that is shared. As long as you have exclusive access to the email that the account was originally created under, it’s not difficult to recover your account, even if someone changes the password on you.

Part and parcel with how critical your email is to account recovery. Anyone with access to your email essentially wholly owns your League of Legends account. This is why it’s critical that you ensure your email is completely private. 

Finally, though it’s not directly part of account recovery at this date, Riot is now connecting phone numbers to League of Legends accounts for events like Clash. In the event of an account dispute, your phone number will help show that the account was yours, and in the future, it might even be as useful as your email in this process. 

With all of the tips above, you should be able to keep your League of Legends account secure and safe. Between a strong password, keeping your account private and ensuring that you have all of the tools needed to recover your account, you can know that you’re safe. 

This is especially important with the rise of third-party programs for League of Legends and as Riot expands the Riot accounts to cover more and more games. Ensuring that your account is exclusively yours can let you enjoy all the games you love like League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, Wild Rift and more!